American Cancer Society - 42 Doors of Hope Campaign at Mall Entrance Near Urban Outfitters

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Visit Saint Louis Galleria for American Cancer Society - 42 Doors of Hope Campaign

Saint Louis Galleria

Now – Sat, Oct 31


Come Visit Our Door!

The 42 Doors of Hope project is part of the American Cancer Society's campaign to raise funds and awareness to revitalize and sustain Hope Lodge St. Louis. Since 1995, Hope Lodge St. Louis has served tens of thousands of cancer patients and their caregivers. Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment is in another city. Here guests find supportive, nurturing communities where they can speak with other cancer patients and their caregivers, sharing stories and offering words of encouragement. However, after 25 years of operations, our Hope Lodge is showing signs of constant use. ACS is renovating Hope Lodge St. Louis to improve guest and caregiver experience, keep pace with their needs and provide a better quality of life during their stay.


Why 42 Doors? 

A door is a symbol of a journey, a transition or metamorphosis. These are the same feelings that many cancer patients and their families experience on their quest for wellness. The ACS has partnered with local artists to create 42 doorways, symbolizing the 42 guest suites available at the new facility. We encourage the community to visit all 42 doors, located across the bi-state region, and join us in celebrating this journey.


What can you do? 

Explore the 42 doors located around St. Louis, visit to review all the doors and vote for your favorite. The winning door will be announced this fall (details to come) and will live in the new Hope Lodge St. Louis.

We invite you to make a donation and help make Hope Lodge St. Louis guests’ time in St. Louis as comfortable as possible as they undergo treatment. That way they can focus on just one thing: getting well.


To learn more about the artist, Sharon Hayes, please click HERE.